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Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Morning Kitchen Thoughts

Sunday Sribblings

I’m alone in the kitchen, the morning still in half-light. I sit at the table cradling my coffee mug for warmth and hear the wind rattle the windows- there’s a cold front coming in. Cold days or rainy days turn out to be my favorite here where the sun shines so diligently day in and day out. The refrigerator hums, the faucet drips, and Chiron (our cat) is beginning his morning serenade for food. It's good to have the reassurance of morning routine. After feeding the cat I look up to see the food blessing hanging above the kitchen table and remember there will be a new pair of hands to hold before every meal. My youngest daughter, Melissa, is coming for a visit from Biloxi, Ms. It has been a few years since she sat around my kitchen table – we usually go visit them. But this time Melissa wanted to come so she could have me all too herself with no other relatives around to crowd in on her time. So we will sit around the kitchen table and talk about our lives and make plans for our day. Maybe we will even get an art project going at the kitchen table like we did when she was a girl. We can update from finger paints and popsicle sticks. At the sink I rinse out my coffee cup and think how proud I am of her. She teaches High School English and in addition to her regular classes, she teaches what they call “Ramp-Up to Literacy” for children that aren’t quite ready for freshman English. Her students are excited about reading and their reading levels are rising all the time. The Gulf Coast Area project manager for the program and the Director of Curriculum for the school district came to sit in on her class and will be using her classroom as the model for the rest of the school district. She’s the kind of teacher I wish for every child – she doesn’t believe there is any such thing as a student not worth her time and effort regardless of what negative history follows them into her classroom. I don't mind bragging. As I finish up in the kitchen I remember that when Melissa was in kindergarten she used to love to help me make New York Cheesecake – she called herself the “official stuff putter inner”. I would have everything all measured out and it was her job to pour the ingredients into the mixing bowl. I can still remember her saying, “and pour the sugar in sloooooooooow” – her face full of serious concentration. Maybe we’ll make Cheesecake this weekend.

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leonie said...

how wonderful that you can again spend time with your sister doing 'stuff'. and the image inspired post (below this one) reminds me of my sister - she has that very same picture, a big one, framed and mounted on her kitchen wall!

Miss Iyer said...

What a beautiful and picturesque memory you've laid out there! :)

Tammy said...

Sorry Kimberly but I think you got my cold front :)

I love the images you have painted with your words. You must be so proud!!!! ENJOY your time together :)

HoBess said...

How exciting that she will soon be home to make cheesecake. I hope you stay up late at that table, savoring cheesecake and long conversation. Thanks for stopping by my blog. I'm looking forward to exploring yours more!

giggles said...

Kimberly I feel honored to have read this wonderful story about a mothers pride and joy! I know exactly how you feel. I too am a very proud mother! I have such a passion for children, it’s really fantastic when teachers like your daughter come along. She does sound so special….probably because you raised her with so much love and lots of table talk. Imperative for great relationships! Your daughter is so beautiful from the inside out!!! Thanks for visiting my blog and sharing this story! Happy cheese cake making!!

Peace Sherrie

Becca said...

What a wonderful post! You've painted such a vivid picture of yourself in the kitchen, thinking about your daughter and her upcoming visit. I felt as if I were sitting there chatting with you and sharing a cup of coffee :)

You have every right to be proud of her and the work she's doing. And I thank her, and all the other teachers like her, for taking the time to prepare the next generation for the world they will inherit.

Enjoy your visit - and the cheesecake!

Tori said...

You are a beautiful writer.
Know that others truly enjoy reading your words. I hope you kick those writer's blues and as Anne Lamott writes, "Bird by bird..."

homeinkabul said...

I feel so privileged to be allowed to read this story! thank you for sharing - a flowing story about a wonderful topic.

Almi said...

How quickly our children grow up and how well we preserve them in our memories.
Loved the post.
Thanks for including Carlos in your prayers.


chiefbiscuit said...

You have every right to be so proud! I love the story your kitchen told me about the important, fundamental, beautiful relationship between daughter and mother.